Sacramento Landscaping On A Water Budget

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Sacramento Landscape Design and Landscaping On A Water Budget

Landscaping On A Water Budget

Save the Planet, Save Your Wallet, Save your Sacramento Backyard

Saving the planet via water conservation may be the number one beneficial way to cut down on your bills this year. Folsom landscaping companies are now turning their focus to water conservation because saving the plant may also mean saving tons of your monthly water bill and those are savings we care about. If we consider that the following ways of conserving water have the dual benefit of reducing your monthly water bills as well as keeping water in California lakes and water reserves. With record lows in rainfall, it’s good to know that you can not only keep your beautiful Sacramento landscape from dying but also contribute to statewide conservation efforts.

Sprinkler Installation in Foslom and Sacramento

Saving water is simple and, with amazing lawn care service companies by your side, you can be just as sure that your Sacramento landscape design stays fresh all year round. Lawn care professionals from your area can help you, first and foremost, with sprinkler systems. Here are just a few sprinkler ideas that will easily cut down on your water usage:

  • Drip Irrigation for your Sacramento Backyard means you only have to water specific locations instead of your entire backyard the way a sprinkler head does. Have a Landscape contractor install a drip system for your shrubs, trees, and bushes to keep from over watering things like grass and flowers.
  • Lawn Care timers can help you have better control over what gets watered and when. The standard is that your lawn be watered for about 15 minutes 3 days a week in the spring and winter. Also, setting your sprinkler systems to water your landscape between 3 and 8 a.m. in the morning can make sure things get the proper water at a time when it will have plenty of time to absorb. If you’re working on making your Sacramento landscape design more beautiful than ever, use timers to help reduce some of the maintenance work.

Landscape Irrigation Alternatives

If installing sprinklers has already happened or is not in your budget right now, we have a wide array of watering options that can replace your sprinklers. Whether you want to use a hose or channel natural rainwater into your garden, using resources other than a sprinkler system, can help you have better control over your water use. An El Dorado Hills landscape requires a little bit of TLC every day to help keep each plant healthy but did you know in the winter and spring it does not require watering every single day? Here are some practical ways to get better water benefits with smaller water bills.

  • Focus on Location – When you plant make clear zones so that you only water one zone for a certain period of time. This will help you to make use of more of the water that comes from your hose because excess will flow to other plants in that area.
  • Water Deeply and Only So Often – Watering every day or every other day may be too much. Instead opt for a long watering session, maybe like twenty minutes, twice a week for bigger plants like trees and shrubs. Your backyard doesn’t need to be covered by the sprinkler every single day.
  • Capturing Rainwater – Look into some practical ways to capture rainwater. Large barrels with a little spout or spicket on the bottom may help you conserve all the water that does fall from the sky. Rainwater is the best source of water for your landscape as the natural Sacramento water is what many California native plants thrive best on.

If all these different options are not enough for your landscape, then look into things such as rain sensors and low-watering plant options. Your Folsom or Sacramento landscape is an essential part of what makes your house a home. Contact a professional Folsom Lawn Care Service now and hear about amazing water conservation options.

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