How To Beat The Summer Heat For Your Sacramento Landscaping

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Beat The Summer Heat with Sacramento Landscaping


The Heat Is On…

Summer is quickly approaching and with weather forecasters predicting a hot one ahead, don’t forget to water regularly.

Here are some helpful landscaping ideas to get your Sacramento landscaping through the upcoming Summer:

  • Fertilize all shrubs and trees once before and after the warm summer months. This will ensure that your plants are getting the right amount of nutrients to help them survive.
  • Do not over water in heavy adobe soils, particularly on azaleas, gardenias, and native California plants.
  • Water heavily at time of planting to settle the plant and minimize transplant shock.
  • Water lightly and fairly often the first few weeks, approximately every 3-4 days.
  • Gradually lengthen the time between watering and increase the amount of water for several weeks.

Whether you’re in Sacramento, Folsom, Granite Bay or looking for El Dorado Hills Landscape Design get your landscaping prepared to Beat the Heat!

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