9 Great Ideas For Backyard Landscaping Designs

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9 Great Ideas For Backyard Landscaping Designs

If you could imagine your perfect backyard, what would it look like?  Would it be a place for your children to romp and play?  Could you see yourself and your morning cup of coffee sharing the peaceful, quiet outdoors together?  Will the ground be covered in a green, grassy carpet or with a rich, rusty-red brick patio? Are you and your backyard ready for a makeover?  Here are 9 great backyard landscaping ideas to put your backyard front and center:

#1: Theme Gardens

The idea of a theme garden is that all the elements in the yard revolve around one specific idea.  You can go subtle or a little over-the-top; a theme garden adds a bit of whimsy and playfulness to your backyard project.  Remember that a theme garden can take up your entire yard or just a little corner of it.

Here are just a few of the most popular themes:

  • Rose garden – A classic.
  • Rock garden – Go from pebbles to boulders.
  • Moon garden – Many night-blooming plants are wonderfully fragrant and white to reflect the soft moonlight.
  • Butterfly garden – Done correctly butterfly gardens will not only attract butterflies, but may increase their population. Add a butterfly house for extra measure.
  • Bonsai garden – Tiny trees, big impact.

#2 – Meditation Gardens


Eastern influences on western culture have become mainstream. A meditation garden is a private refuge from the stresses and pressures of life.  The goal is to make the space a peaceful, relaxing, and Zen-like area to escape to…if only for a little while.

#3 – Sundials

The shadow line tells the time.  The sundial is a half garden accessory, half science project.  A great conversation piece, sundials are generally made in brass, cast iron and bronze and can be installed on the ground or mounted on a pedestal.  Tell time like an Egyptian.

#4 – Backyard Lounging

You’re never too old to love a backyard swing.  Mounted on a porch or standing alone under a tree, add all-weather cushions and pillows for color and comfort and you’re ready to “rock” and roll.  A hammock built for two but no trees close enough together? No worries, hammocks now come on freestanding frames.  Swinging!

#5 – Multi-level decks

Multilevel decks are so much more interesting architecturally than the one-level variety and are ideal if you have limited space or live on uneven ground or a hillside.  Add features like built-in planters, odd shaped areas and extra seating for entertaining. 

#6 – Living Walls

Vertical gardens are a unique and space-saving alternative to grow plants and flowers.  Especially ideal for rooftop terraces and tiny spaces, they create privacy screens, make natural fences and act as a sound dampener.  Living walls are one of the hottest backyard landscaping ideas currently being utilized.

#7 – Outdoor lighting

Lighting in Landscape Design

Any landscape architect will tell you that without great outdoor lighting, your landscaping is only partially complete.  The right lighting gives your backyard a warm, inviting glow and lets you appreciate its beauty all day and all night.

#8 – Water Features


So many soothing options: Fountains, ponds, streams, waterfalls, basins, jacuzzi, reflecting pools…water is the liquid of the Gods.

#9 – Outdoor Rooms

Elements for Landscape Design

Today’s outdoor rooms are almost as cozy as their indoor counterparts.  Kitchens are equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, chandeliers hang from the ceilings, sofas are comfortable and stylish.  Fireplaces, outdoor bars…inside or outside?  Who can tell the difference?

Back Home in the Backyard

Which backyard landscaping ideas inspire you?  When you create a backyard, it isn’t just a space behind your house; if you’re lucky, it’s a place you’ll always want to come home to. Call us today, or click the following link to schedule your free consultation .

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