Water Conservation Tips: Fertilizer

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Water Conservation Tips: Fertilizer

Water Conservation Tips: Fertilizer

Fertilizing your soil in a healthy and natural way can make the difference between an hour of watering every single week. This cuts down on gallons of water spent on your Sacramento landscape. In times like this when natural rain showers are few and far between, trying to make your plants thrive in a hostile environment takes some extra planning. Lawn care services in Folsom are turning their heads towards organic fertilization as a means for helping keep those lush lawns alive and well. Get on board now and conserve water this month.

Improve Soil Improve Your El Dorado Hills Backyard

Organic fertilizer can add nutrients back into your soil as a means of bringing nutrients and dampness in a natural and useful way. Improving your soil creates a barrier between the roots of your plants and the dry environment of Sacramento, Ca. When you mow your lawn, use the mulching option to help your grass use itself to naturally improve soil conditions and minimize the need for water.

Let Your Landscape Dry

Only when it has not rained in seven days should you water you lawn. This means once a week you should give your turf an inch of water to survive the next week but still remain green. In order to better measure this place a cup on your landscape and water until there is a half inch of water, then wait an hour, and water again until there is another half inch in the cup. Drying all the way will mean that the soil has time to decompose the mulch and absorb that moisture until you water it again.

Shearing Mower for Landscape Growth

A natural way to fertilize a landscape in Sacramento is to mulch the lawn when you mow it. In order to help your lawn be as health as possible and really utilize the mulch try out a mower that shears the grass rather than breaks it. This will leave less damage to the blades and also leave a clean cut mulch behind to be absorbed and decomposed naturally into the soil. When it comes to water conservation, natural is always best.

Time Fertilization

Timing is the main component of creating a landscape that doesn’t need excessive watering to remain alive. Ideally a Folsom or other Northern California landscape should be fertilized once or twice a year. This means the heavy duty fertilizer. Excessive use will make you need more water while not using it all will make the water ineffective in growing the lawn. When picking a fertilizer try and minimize pesticides and herbicides because they can also dry out your grass and kill it making your water bills spike again.

Alternative Tricks

There are alternative to the usual roundup that can cause less damage to your landscape. If you are having a weed problem and you don’t want to use a fertilizer try mixing 2 parts vinegar with 3 parts water and 1 part dish soap. This can kill weeds and prevent landscape damage that will cause you to use more water. Keeping your Sacramento lawn beautiful can be done even on a water budget.

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