Surprising ways to save water

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Surprising ways to save water in your Landscape Design

save water in your Landscape Design

Water Conservation, it’s the name of the landscaping game and FiveSTAR Landscape is doing everything possible to help you keep your landscape water usage to a complete minimum. You may think having a sprinkler time is enough to contribute to the water conservation efforts. This is simply not true. In fact there are all sorts of little landscaping tips and tricks you’re missing out on and losing vital water conservation opportunities for that beautiful Folsom landscape. From cleaning a certain way to watering and redesigning, you can turn your lawn care services into a system of supreme efficiency and be a water conserving superhuman on your block.

Cleaning in your Sacramento Backyard

With hardscape, wood, and other non-organic parts of your backyard it’s quite likely that you are cleaning in your landscape quite frequently. The hardscape designers her in Sacramento know how simple it is to hose off these segments of your backyard to remove dust and residue but that is just the biggest problem!

  • Sweep instead of hosing down any hardscape.

Washing your car in your front yard? Who doesn’t do this! However, this is a huge drain on the water resources allotted to each home as metered by the water company. To cut down on wasted water, use a bucket to lather up your car instead of leaving the hose on.

  • Visit a recycled water car wash instead of wasting hose water

Maintenance for your landscape design irrigation system is another beneficial way to reduce any water waste. Any imperfection in your irrigation system can be a huge culprit in messing with your monthly water usage. Get a landscape contractor out to your home immediately to inspect and recommend any changes to your sprinkler system.

  • Professional advice on efficient sprinkling techniques and times.

Watering your Landscape in Sacramento Heat

When you are dealing with a wide array of plants that require water in your home, watering can be a death sentence on your wallet when it comes to water conservation. From your lawn to those potted plants by your outdoor kitchen, use discretion when you are watering.

  • Spring Test- To know when to water your turf use the spring test. Step on your lawn and see if the grass pops back into place, if it doesn’t only then should you turn on your sprinklers.
  • Better Soil- Adding healthier soil with more nutrients and fertilizer will give your plants the needed resources to survive and thrive with minimal hose usage.
  • Mulch- Adding much around the areas that need to retain moisture will mean that you can water less with more effectiveness on your landscape.
  • Wind Awareness- Is it a particularly windy day? If so, skip on watering, likely the wind will blow into the street and pavement instead of onto the necessary plants.

Design a Water Smart Landscape for Sacramento Conditions

There are two ways in which landscape design can change the amount of water it needs: xeriscaping and maintenance. Landscape designs that are made with xeriscaping in mind mean that they are created to utilize every single drop of necessary water. It is an innovative Sacramento landscape design technique that is perfect for drier conditions. Also, maintenance from your lawn care services will preserve a water-smart design for as long as possible. If you want a free consultation on ways to save make an online appointment right now.

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