Xeriscape: Boulders and Hardscape

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Xeriscaping Options: Sacramento Hardscaping


When it comes to xeriscaping (Drought Tolerant Landscaping) many people envision a Sacramento landscape full of nothing but desert looking plants and features. This is simply not the case with FiveSTAR landscape’s hardscape feature options for your drought resistant landscape. One of the main benefits of having a hardscape is that you can put yourself in your garden. Hardscape gives any backyard with a modern look that is much easier maintained than turf and gardens. Furthermore, water conservation becomes even easier as we decrease the amount of space that even needs to use up your water resources, that’s why we include it in our xeriscaping plan.

Hardscaping doesn’t have to mean you just have a whole bunch cement, in fact there a lot of hardscape options for your lawn. Retaining walls offer a great source of dimension and planting for any landscape design. You can use hardscape to contain small patches of garden to better utilize water and separate out plants with different needs from one another. Another benefit is that hardscape can create more useable space, this means entertainment spaces like patios, walkways, and decks. Using hardscape as a part of your xeriscaping will increase the amount of your lawn you can actually entertain yourself in without worrying about damaging your lawns durability.

Boulders as Rock Features

Hardscape is also much more than retaining walls and concrete, it can be elegant rock features in your yard. Just like many natural planes have rocks interspersed, adding natural rock features to a xeriscaping can add visually appealing factors without adding to your water needs. Boulders from local rock supply and landscaping companies are often used to separate different sections of a landscape design as well as direct water around a landscape to make it more efficient. Rather than trying to keep high maintenance shrubs alive, work on creating a landscape option that uses little water, requires little maintenance and can help you keep your Folsom yard looking fantastic all year round.

Hardscape and It’s Benefits

To reiterate the usefulness of hardscape in xeriscaping landscape design, here are some of the benefits of using Fivestar Landscape to promote water conservation in your own backyard.

  • Depth and Color- You don’t just need some California Native Plants to brighten up your landscape design. You can add in beautifully stamped and dyed concrete to turn any patio into a color accent.
  • No Water, No Maintenance- Low maintenance is the magic phrase for your landscape design options. Working on your lawn keeps you from enjoying your landscape.
  • BBQ Central- With hardscape you can easily transform any open space into a useable entertainment space including an outdoor kitchen that is great for hosting parties.
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