Xeriscaping: Artificial Grass 101

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Sports & Artificial Grass


Synthetic turf and artificial grass originate from a need for reliable grass and cushioning for sports teams all over the world. The use of synthetic turf cuts down on the use of pesticides and other harmful products in the landscape so that players are uninhibited but also more protected than if they were to practice and compete on dirt or hard ground. Although it was originally made for indoor use, landscapers and landscape designers all over the world have developed an outdoor option which is great for sports and durable outdoors no matter the weather.

For a practical use, we recommend synthetic turf for all your outdoor sports needs in your landscape. This grass will survive even the most aggressive sports and games. It can help your sports field remain beautiful even when there is no rain. In fact, the greatest benefit is that you can have a perfect sports field all year long without ever having to water it. From home putting greens to driving ranges, picking synthetic turf for hard to landscape areas like sports arenas is a superior way to landscape and design your heavily used spaces.

Landscaping Alternative

Artificial grass is a great solution for hard to mow and hard to maintain areas. Synthetic products have been used since the early 1990s to create better looking lawns without all the pricey maintenance. Thanks to the increased use of synthetic grass there have been vast improvements in the quality, texture, and appearance of this low maintenance alternative. From looking real to lasting for decades, synthetic turf is a first and foremost a landscape innovation. Here at Five STAR landscape, we are now promoting synthetic turf as a means of preserving our scarce water resources. It is a great way to maintain a green lawn without overstepping city wide water limits.

Advantages of Grass Alternatives

Among the many benefits of a grass alternatives like artificial turf, is water conservation. Saving and cutting down on resources will be a huge landscape design issue in the coming months as we have officially been declared in a stage 2 drought. Also, you can count on never having to mow your lawn again. What makes this so beneficial is that while you no longer are paying to water your turf, you will no longer have to pay to maintain a mower and gas. It can eliminate your need for these altogether and luckily result in home landscaping design that suits your home in Sacramento.


Pets and Synthetic Turf

The biggest question landscape architects in Folsom get is about the compatibility of pets and artificial turf. It seem counter intuitive to use a synthetic turf for your pet’s digestive needs. In fact, it seems a bit messy. However, like so many new creations, synthetic turf has variations that are as dog friendly as the natural, water-guzzling alternative. Products like K9 cool grass repel the hot sun so that your dog can comfortably be outside even on the hottest summer days. Utilizing Sacramento landscape design in this way cuts down on the restrictions for your best as caused by heat. For messes, most grasses simply need you to pick up any large remains and then easily hose down the area which will be absorbed into the earth below. This removes all the damages your pet could cause in the landscape design and natural grass.

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