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What is a Xeriscape Plant?

Xeriscape Landscaping (AKA Drought Tolerant Landscaping)

Xeriscape is a great option for landscaping in Sacramento seeing as the weather is more and more like desert conditions and we have low rainfall this year leading to exceptionally low water reserves. Between California wild fires and the large population within the state, there is not enough water for you and your plants. However, there are plenty of landscape alternatives that allow for you to have pretty plants with little water. Xeriscape plants fall under native prairie plants that need little to no water in order to live and thrive. From California native plants to high quality synthetic options you can have a water efficient lawn and a beautiful one all the same!

Plants? Common Sense Landscape Ideas

Picking the right plants for your landscape is more common sense then you might initially think. In fact, if you see something that looks beautiful in nature you can likely have it in your Sacramento front yard and it will survive the same. It may even survive more due to your ability to control soil quality as well as mulch. Picking plants should be consulted with your Landscaper professional and together you may be able to come up with just the right combo for your landscape.

Some Drought Tolerant Shrubs:

  • Hydrangea- Lush with beautiful booms, these flowers are extremely resilient and can add a lot of depth to any Sacramento backyard. They not only smell good but rank high on a drought and heat tolerance test performed by Fine Gardening. You can find these beauties in white and lavender
  • Winterberry- These Red and green wonders stay alive all year long. They have an excellent landscape appear as a subtly background feature and they perform well is just about any climate as long as they are fertilized.

Drought Tolerant Trees- Just to name a few

  • Redwoods- California native trees and evergreen will always be the best option for your Sacramento landscape. The only thing to watch out is just how big they seem to grow no matter the weather conditions.
  • Chinese Witch Hazel- With brilliant pink and red blooms these trees can survive even the harshest landscapes including or low water Sacramento landscape dilemmas. They are great for any lawn and add a beautiful splash of color to your backyard skyline.

Some Drought Tolerant Flowers:

  • Ageratum- With blue and lavender blossoms these flowers will deft the low rainfall and continue to show their colors all year round no matter what. Keep in mind that blue is a fantastic color for any relaxation space.
  • Moss Rose- If you want the beauty of a rose in your Folsom landscape without all the maintenance, then these pink, white, orange or yellow beauties can spruce up your landscape no matter what and keep your yard looking well-kept and beautiful. Add a whole bunch of different colors for an English tea garden feel. It’s a classic!

For more information about what plants are right for your Sacramento Landscape, call or make a free

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