Best Xeriscape Flowers

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Best Xeriscape Flowers for Sacramento California

People often assume that xeriscape means they can only have prickly pears and desert flowers in their yards but this simply not the case. With xeriscaping your Roseville landscape can benefits from any number of landscape design opportunities that include a wide selection of plant life. With prairie flowers, California Natives, and so much more, you don’t have to limit yourself to no flowers or water guzzlers. Landscape design with FiveSTAR landscape places emphasis on creating your dream landscape while also ensuring that you get the best drought tolerant option for you. No matter what. There is no amount of landscaping or other landscape design issues that we can’t overcome with a water wise solution.

With so much creativity in our Landscape designers, you will find that xeriscaping has come to mean something much more beautiful with FiveSTAR landscape. Native and adapted water wise perennials and annuals are our number one priority in xeriscaping flowers. This means you get all the natural beauty of a landscape without the expensive upkeep.

Our Favorite Flowers include the following:

  1. Yarrow- A perennial that is native to the Rocky Mountains is able to grow in low water conditions and burning hot summers. Their brilliant yellow color adds lots of warmth to your landscape design and their bush like appearance provides plenty of coverage for empty spots in your landscape design.
  2. Crimson pygmy Barberyy- This brilliant red flower is a striking feature to any landscape design. With many tan hues of a standard xeriscape you will find that these colorful additions make a late summer landscape more beautiful than ever.
  3. Four O’clock- These morning glory type flowers grow in a beautiful tangled bush that makes them appear to be more like a shrub than a flower. Their beautiful pink and white blooms add a delicate feature to any landscape design.
  4. Daylilies- Hybridized flowers that come in a deep orange are made to grown in any kind of conditions which means they can survive all year round in our California climate.
  5. Azaleas- a common favorite among all our clients, Azaleas come in a wide variety of colors and are able to survive long harsh summers after a month of establishment. These are ideal for slightly shaded segments of your backyard,
  6. Hydrangea- The most beautiful flower bunch in my opinion grows in giant flower clusters. They grow no matter what the soil conditions are and their color varies depending upon those current soil conditions. The more acidic your solid you can expect to have bluer flowers.

For a free consultation or to simply chat with one of our experts contact us today and see how drought tolerant landscaping can change your budget.

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