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Architecture for Your Sacramento Landscape

Xeriscaping can also be seen in the form of architectural detail added to any landscape. When you develop a landscape design, incorporating architectural details will minimize the locations that need watering and create more usable space in your outdoor living area. Installations of outdoor kitchens or arbors create elegant additions that allow you to utilize more of your space while minimizing monthly maintenance and watering costs for yourself and your backyard. Alongside beautiful planning for plants and irrigation, landscape architecture is an essential part of any Folsom landscapers design.

Shade Structures

With harsh summers, shade structures turn any concrete space into a usable entertainment patio or animal shelter. With the sun beating down on either wood or cement patios you will find that it becomes much too hot to use. Xeriscaping means maximizing the usability for your landscape and to FiveSTAR that includes using our landscaping expertise to help you get the most use out of your space no matter how big or small. Landscaping is all about keeping to your yard prepared for whatever you might use it for.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens in any Folsom, Sacramento, or El Dorado Hills homes means that you have a great place for fourth of July BBQ’s and memorial day weekends. Entertainment space is no longer limited to just your home but can now be extended to your backyard. With these big yard features you will cut down greatly on the amount of grass in your yard and finally, that means you will reduce the amount of water your yard consumes by nearly half.

Outdoor Fire Pits and fireplaces

In cold winter nights or even the brisk spring evening air, grass will do you no good. You can’t hang out on grass in the night if it’s soggy. But outdoor fire pits minimize the grass by replacing it with a sitting area surrounding a cozy fire pit or fireplace. These additions to your home are more affordable than ever and many of our landscape designers can help you create the shape of any landscape design you might want.

Stamped Concrete

Concrete is what most people fear when we say xeriscaping. They imagine cold hard concrete laid over their entire backyard. In reality, we install concrete only where you want and we provide a wide selection of dyes and stamps so that it has a unique flair to add color and functionality to any yard. Concrete can create a barrier between you and dry unusable soil and it can be a great base for planter boxes and other small garden features.


Finally, a deck can be either a raised wooden structure, a tile patio, or much more. Decks give your some space between your home and your backyard so that you can enjoy the yard without having to entertain on your grass. A deck is a great drought-tolerant option because other than occasional sweeping it requires no maintenance and literally no water.

If you are interested in landscape architecture for your home, have a free at-home consultation on us. We can ensure that your landscape design with us will transform your living space in no time at all.

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