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Best Xeriscape (Drought Tolerant) Trees for Landscaping

Best Xeriscape (Drought Tolerant) Trees for Landscaping

Landscape: Did you know?

  • You can have trees in your Folsom landscape without having to use a ton of water? We are able to help you find the right trees for your landscape design that will survive even the harshest of winters.
  • Soil and drainage are a huge component in creating a landscape design that works even when you have little to no water. Your soil holds in all the vital nutrients that help your tree survive all year round even when the water isn’t as abundant as you might want.
  • Apply adequate water when it is available can sustain your trees and plants longer than you might have previously assumed. By giving your landscape the right water when it’s vital and important can help you to keep your trees alive even when there is not water.
  • Woody plants are a long term asset to your landscape. This means that you get what you give. If you put in the work to make your landscape and trees thrive then you will reap the benefits of a thriving and water efficient backyard.

How Sacramento’s Harsh Climate Affects You

  • Many plants are not made to thrive in the harsh California weather and climates. It is important to consider the long term survivability of your landscape before you just plant things randomly. Poor landscape planning can result in hundreds of wasted dollars and thousands of gallons of waste water.
  • Watering upfront when you first plant a tree will help it establish itself and then you can slowly remove irrigation to a more infrequent measure. This way your landscape will be prepared for this summer and impending city wide water limits
  • Planting the wrong trees at the wrong time can waste so much money and effort. Prevent this today with our wide selection of drought tolerant trees.

Big Trees for your Folsom Xeriscape

  • Boxelder- This tree grows really fast and can survive even the harshest of sites.
  • Juniper- Evergreens with lots of foliage can stay green even when the summer proves particularly dry and hot. The many varieties of evergreen can help you add depth and color to any Folsom backyard.
  • Pine- These trees are excellent year-round. They help sustain your landscape no matter how long your region goes without rain as long as you give them the occasional watering.
  • Oaks- As long as you help establish them right away your oak trees should survive a harsh summer and a low water season.

For more options please schedule an appointment with one of our xeriscape experts. Initial appointments are completely free.

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