Best Xeriscaping Designs

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Best Xeriscaping Designs

Conceptual Ideas for Drought Tolerant Folsom Landscape Design

Xeriscaping is much more than just re-doing your Folsom backyard. Xeriscaping is a concept all about preserving resources and decreasing the amount of water you use on your home, every single day. More and more, landscapers in the Folsom and Sacramento area are seeing customers opt for these low maintenance and low water options for their landscape needs.

Developing your landscape to function more like a desert or other low water areas can give you a luscious garden without all the junk that adds up over time, making your landscape better than ever. And, despite popular opinion, xeriscaping is not just all about cacti and succulents. In fact, it can vary in design, location, and theme.

Designs that Can Transform any Sacramento Backyard

Xeriscaping designs are unique in the way that they work with your unique climate and landscape. At FiveSTAR landscape we take into account that the sun shines in different places at different times of the year, we care about the thickness and quality of your soil be it clay or rocky. And finally, we pay attention to how the natural dispersion and flow of water could affect your landscape design. Whether you are in a place with a loft of run off or if your landscape is totally flat, our landscaping design experts can help you with both the creation and construction of your Sacramento job. Landscape design is an ideal and efficient way for you to weather this drought.

What are the Best Landscaping Options in El Dorado Hills?

Xeriscaping is the best option in our region. We promote using things like native plants and drought-resistant options to turn your standard lawn into a beautiful garden. For Xeriscaping there are several designs that suit different customers in different ways based on their taste and landscaping needs. Here are some of our favorite landscape xeriscaping designs:

  • Hidden garden – With various pathways and plants blooming around a thick mulch and stone pathways, you can have a beautiful maze-like landscape design that improves your monthly water usage and still looks better than traditional turf.
  • Succulents – With pebble details and large varieties of succulents, we love this desert theme idea for any xeriscaping design. These designs tend to stay beautiful longer with little to no maintenance and very little water.
  • Wild Grasses – overgrown never looked as good as when our clients choose natural prairie grasses to keep their landscape design looking beautiful without all the work and water. With a few verities of reeds and other naturally short grasses, you can preserve the traditional lawn with a boho look.

Drought resistant is the way to go as our California climate seems to only be getting warmer and warmer. It’s tough to find the water and the budget for a traditional turf lawn, so opt for a landscaping option that requires a little less mowing and a lot more style.

Getting started on your way to xeriscaping is as easy as a single 45-minute appointment with FiveSTAR landscape. Contact us now and book an appointment for free.

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