Best Xeriscape Shrubs

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 Best Drought Tolerant Landscaping Shrubs

Best Xeriscape Shrubs

California Native Plants

Ideal for creating great separation in your lawn and developing clean borders, your shrubs are a number one pick for your landscape design. With such a beautiful landscaping option available, you may be afraid you have to ditch your shrubs for rocks in order to comply with California water conservation, but this simply is not the case.

In fact, you can contribute to water conservation in your area by using our drought tolerant landscaping and backyard options to give yourself drought tolerant shrubs that last ass summer long, no matter how scorching the sun might be in Sacramento, CA.

Shrubs are great for giving you a decent amount of privacy as well as blocking out unwanted scenery. Unlike trees, shrubs can grow more quickly and they even tend to be a great option for someone who wants their landscape to be full in less amount of time. Shrubs are also brilliant for hiding any unsightly retaining walls or fences. In order to preserve the beauty of your landscape while also having an excellent option for water conservation we want to show you some shrubs that will work really well in this California drought without being water guzzlers in your Sacramento area.

Drought Tolerant California Shrubs

Fool-Proof Shrubs that Last:

For a full list of Sacramento Drought Tolerant Shrubs, read more:

  • Berberis- a colorful shrub with bright purple leaves that remain colorful all spring, summer, and fall. They are both drought and animal proof so you can be taken care of in your landscape without worrying about running low on your watering resources.
  • Butterfly Bush- This shrub attracts all sorts of beautiful butterflies as well as hummingbirds.
  • Nandina- Perfect for the winter garden this bush stays pretty even in cold and dry winter. It’s a great option to keep your yards low maintenance and still beautiful.

Other options for bushes:

  • Microbiota
  • Thuja Green Giant
  • Contoneaster
  • Caryopteris
  • Louis Edmunds Manzanita – pink and green for spring
  • Sentinel Manzanita- native pollinator
  • Owlswood Ceanothus
  • Coyote Bush

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