Caring For Trees in a Drought

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General Roseville Landscape Tree Maintenance

Tree Maintenance in Landscape Design

Trees and Landscape Design: Tips and Tricks

  • 18 inches deep – When you water your tree, you are going for depth beyond all else. It is important to keep your shrubs and trees alive in your Rocklin yard by watering 18 inches deep. That’s the ideal.
  • Too much can kill – More plants die from overwatering than from under watering, unless you forget to water al together. Be careful to conserve water and help sustain your Folsom landscape design by focusing on the right amount for your trees.
  • Even if you discontinue water elsewhere, don’t do it on trees – You can let your lawn go dormant and even replace that affordably by Folsom landscapers recommend that you continue to water your trees because replacing those is more expensive are more difficult, especially older trees.
  • Uniform watering – Water all trees and shrubs alike because otherwise you will end up with an uneven Roseville landscape which can be a serious problem when you go to do lawn care maintenance.
  • 2-3 gallons once a week when cutting back – Three gallons at most once a week is really all you need to sustain a tree. Don’t overdo it.

New Trees

  • Base and root ball area- When you plant a new tree it will take quite a while for the grass to cover the roots and whatnot. Water on that ball form under the tree right at the base for optimum root growth.
  • Up to two years- This at base watering can actually last for up to two years. Keep in mind that putting this effort into your Roseville and Sacramento backyards can improve your lawn a great deal and is a long term investment.
  • Check soil regularly- Often the tree will suck all the nutrients out of the soil and you can solve this problem by instead using mulch every so often to keep feeding the new growth.

Established Trees

  • Irrigate drip line from trees leaf edge and outward- Do Not water right at the base once a tree has been established in your yard. Instead irrigate outwards under the overhead part of the growth. This will also help water any landscape bits that are underneath the tree itself.
  • Slowly and deeply- Take your time watering, don’t just dump a gallon down. Use a hose and let it go until 18 inches of the ground underneath have been watered.

Irrigating During a Drought

  • Watch for drought stress – When your tree gets distressed it can develop a “sickness” or go into shock. Do not allow your landscape design to be ruined by a dead tree. Though it’s okay to cut back on watering, do not overdo it. Here are two signs these elegant features in your El Dorado Hills landscaping are under stress:
  • Wilted leaves
  • Brown veins
  • Prioritize over turf – Your grass can become dormant and come back, the same cannot be said for a dead tree. If you want to keep this part of your Folsom landscape alive, go ahead and prioritize them over grass. It is the most important part.
  • Sustain rather than growth – Finally keep in mind that you just want to sustain your tree until the drought is over. This will keep it at the size it is at without over doing it on your water budget.

For more tips or to get a landscape design that is drought resistant, contact us or make a free consultation here today.

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