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Theme Kid Friendly Landscaping

Kid Friendly Landscaping in Greater Sacramento

While home ownership is a great investment, one of the most common reasons to own a home is to have a safe, memorable place for your children. Property ownership allows you to raise a child in a single location while creating a secure place for your child to call “home.”

Since you own a home for your child, you may want to consider landscaping for your child as well. At FiveSTAR Landscape, we can provide you with child-friendly landscaping that is perfect for your family’s needs.

What is Kid-Friendly Landscaping?

In some ways, all landscaping can be designed for children as long as it is freer of sharp edges and risky play-areas. However, there are also additions that can be fun for children, including:

  • Labyrinths – Labyrinths are fun mazes that are great for a child’s imagination.
  • Sand Box – Perfect for young children that want a sandbox at home.
  • Climbing Structures – Safe climbing structures for children.

You can also add variations on playground equipment, small forts, stepping stones, or sports areas depending on the size of your landscape.

Benefits of Child Friendly Landscape Design

Child-friendly landscape designs have great resale value and are an outstanding choice for couples that either have a child or are thinking about having (more) children. They can be designed in a way that is fun for both children and adults, and are a spectacular choice for those looking for a backyard redesign.

Contact FiveSTAR Landscape today at 916-735-1100 to find out more about our backyard landscaping options, or to get started with your child friendly landscape design.

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