Landscaping Ideas Sacramento: 4 Easy Solutions For Water Conservation

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4 Easy Solutions For Water Conservation

Solutions For Water Conservation

Landscaping Ideas Sacramento: 4 Easy Solutions For Water Conservation

With the recent economical woes, as well as the local California drought concerns, water conservation is on everyone’s mind. Finding ways to be more water efficient can save homeowners and business owners significant amounts of money, in addition to easing the stress on California’s natural resources. Many utility companies, cities and counties are even offering incentives and rebates to assist homeowners in their movement toward water efficiency. There are several options available to those wishing to save water; many of which can create strikingly beautiful Sacramento landscapes.

One popular option among Sacramentians (People Who Live in Sacramento, CA) is converting lawns, that typically use tremendous amounts of water, to xeriscape. Xeriscaping refers to landscaping that is composed of local native plants in natural settings. Because these plants thrive in local Sacramento landscaping, they require little to no supplemental irrigation and can flourish on a minimal drip system, reducing water usage by as much as 50 percent. This is especially effective in arid environments, such as the landscaping in Sacramento, Folsom, Granite Bay and El Dorado Hills, where water usage can skyrocket in the summer months.

Sacramento landscape is preferred, new “smart controllers”

If a more traditional Sacramento landscape is preferred, new “smart controllers” can ensure that the landscape is as economical as possible. Smart controllers utilize minute-by-minute weather broadcasting as well as sensor technologies to maintain the optimum watering cycle for lawns and plants by constantly adapting to changing conditions. Not only do smart controllers ensure that very little water is wasted, they also keep landscapes looking more lush and healthy than standard irrigatation systems. Initial studies indicate smart controllers can decrease water consumption by up to 40 percent annually.

One of the most cost effective ways to begin conserving water at the individual level is to install MP rotators, by Hunter Irrigation, in place of conventional pop-up sprinkler heads. MP rotators are multi-stream sprinkler heads that make use of the water pressure to rotate across the lawn. This ensures that the water coverage is more penetrating thus more efficient and that run-off is greatly reduced. Installation is quick and easy, saving in labor costs.

Apps for Landscape Design Irrigation

Lastly, with the advent of technology and more importantly the popularity of smart phones it seems every industry is being inundated with APPS. Landscaping is no exception, and a new app has been released to assist homeowners by correctly assessing their individual water needs and giving a printout of how to correctly program their traditional irrigation controller. The companies website (check out boasts that  in as little as three steps a homeowner can have the optimum run times, days and frequency for their own individual irrigation system. What will they think of next!

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