Making the Most of Hard to Mow Areas

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Making the Most of Hard to Mow Areas


Slopes are a challenge when landscaping in Folsom. An area of a yard that seems to confound most homeowners is how to best utilize a slope. While grass can be grown in just about any location, maintaining a slope can become a real headache especially in areas that are too steep for mowing. If safety is a concern and owning two or three goats isn’t practical, you may want to consider other landscape alternatives.

Slopes in your Landscape Design and Maintenance

When used creatively, slopes can add a great deal of interest and variety to your landscaping plan. Slopes can be transformed with beautiful plantings based upon the direction the slope faces. A sunny south facing slope can have vibrant ground covers that aid with erosion control and a north facing, shady slope can host endless varieties of cool weather plantings.

When slopes are interfering with your outdoor recreational space, decks, terraces, patios or steps can be used to turn inclines into functional, attractive spaces. Decks tend to look best when incorporated into informal landscaping styles, and multiple levels can expand your entertaining space considerably. In more formal designs, paved terraces or patios work best. Steps in natural rock can add elegance while also helping to alleviate the problem of erosion. Additionally, the steps create landings that can hold a variety of potted plants.

Other alternatives to grassy slopes:

  • For very steep slopes, consider a retaining wall. Smooth plastered walls or poured concrete with a touch of color will lend itself to a modern feel. Dry stacked rock can be utilized for a natural look.
  • Create a stepped series of low retaining walls down a hill.
  • A waterfall and streambed can instantly and dramatically transform a boring slope.
  • Create secret getaways with strategically placed benches or chairs at the bottom or top of the slope.
  • When installing planting beds or ground covers, be sure that they follow the contours of the sloped area for the most pleasing results.

Remember, when it comes to landscaping a slope, you’re really only limited by your imagination. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

To find creative ways to transform your slope or any other portion of your yard call the pros at FiveSTAR Landscape (916) 735-1100 or click the following link to schedule your free consultation .

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