The advantages of Xeriscaping

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Advantages of Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Review and Overview of Drought Tolerant Landscaping in Sacramento

As mentioned in our previous blog, Xeriscape was created to respond to a high intensity drought in Colorado and has since been used by landscapers all over the world to create beautiful design with little to no irrigation. In times like these a drought tolerant landscape design is always a great option for any landscaping issues you may be dealing with in regards to harsh Sacramento and Folsom weather. Depending on where you are located be is Rancho Cordova or El Dorado Hills, are landscape designers are equipped to work with your area any time of the year based on any weather conditions. We know what thrives in what climate and ensure that no matter what Xeriscaping with us will benefit everyone involved.

Reduction of Outdoor Watering During Sacramento Summer

Man the weather can be brutal here. The hot summer days approach quickly and work ruthlessly until just about everything dies of dehydration. By reducing your need for water in your Folsom or Rancho Cordova lawn you can ensure that you will keep your landscape design looking beautiful all year long. Reducing your water will cut your monthly costs as well as promote a more stable landscape design process.

Looks Better than your Sacramento Turf

Grass looks traditional and that is great but making your landscape design better with xeriscaping means your lawn will look as through you have gone that extra mile. Xeriscaping creates more intricate and creative landscape design. It can be much more beautiful than your other landscaping design options.

Less Maintenance for Folsom Lawn

We are always happy when a landscape design means much less work for everyone in the long run. Working on your landscape design can help you to create a low maintenance, low water, no mow lawn which means tons more time to longue about in the sun and enjoy your edible California native plants.

Variety is Key

A xeriscape provides you more variety even in the winter months. Because our winters are not so harsh as our summers you can protect your landscape variety all year round. With drought and weather resistant plants your lawn will always be a distinguishing point between you and other landscaped homes with nothing but a tree and turf. You can have a landscape design and really stand out even if you’re in a cookie-cutter landscape design option.

Save Money

Most importantly, the bottom line number will always be smaller with xeriscaping than with a landscape design full of grass and delicate features. Your landscape will either drain your money in the form of overwatering or it can help you to save on water bills regularly. It’s up to you how you want to make your landscape design work for your or if you want to work for it. With thousands of saved gallons of water a day, your landscape may be the golden ticket to smarter budgeting.

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