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California Water Summary

xeriscaping and drought tolerant

Sacramento Water Shortage and the California Drought are Affecting Landscape Designs!

Finding the common ground between a beautiful landscape design and the limited water resources may make landscaping Sacramento particularly grim this coming year. With dropping water conserves you might find that your city wide limits put a damper on your gardening this summer. In fact, you may find that there is a no watering at all policy implemented statewide. What does that mean and how can you plan your lawn around these limitations? In this article I will attempt to expose the reality of the Sacramento water conservation issues as well as speak on how you can not only contribute to the statewide water conservation issues but also implement a landscaping idea that will change the whole game.

California Water limits

While it is not uncommon for California to deal with issues like low rainfall and forest fires, this year’s seems to be particularly bad in the face of landscaping Sacramento issues. In fact, you can assume that your lawn will have next to no natural watering. Last Friday, it was announced that emergency measures will be taken to deal with falling water reserves. The end result is that there will be no water delivery from relief water organizations. Basically, our reserves have been completely drained and currently lack usable water resources that we can rely on in emergency situations. If you didn’t think the water deficit was serious before now then you better get to change your mind.

Statewide officials are calling or us to now begin finding major ways to cut water usage in every home and that includes your front and back yards. It’s an extremely serious situation that will require statewide collaboration. Without any water reserves you can expect your community to be at risk for poor air quality due to forest fires if not forest fires themselves. As if this doesn’t get the point across, Placer County Water Agency is now voting on how much water each household can use in order to cut county wide water usage by 35%.

Where does FiveSTAR Landscape come in?

Well we are dedicated to contributing to these statewide issues. We want to attempt to decrease water usage sin every home by hundreds of gallons each month by offering unbeatable deals on xeriscaping design and installation. We are hoping that our efforts can help transform the yards in our area into beautiful models of water conservation efforts. With xeriscaping landscape design you can see that landscaping doesn’t have to be the water guzzling issue it used to be. With beautiful alternatives to grass and turf, your landscape can benefit from large amounts remodeling with drought tolerant or no water options.

You’re decision to switch to landscape design with us can cut the county water usages by over a thousand gallons every three months when you go xeriscaping and drought tolerant. For landscape design that is both unique and enjoyable you can create a new home for you and your family in little to no time without ever having to waste vital water resources. Choosing landscape design company that can help you today, like FiveSTAR landscape will put you ahead in in helping out our community.

Join us today to cut water usage. Enjoy a free estimate and consultation now!

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