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Fair Oaks Landscape Design, Installation and Drought Proof Design Plans

FiveStar Landscape is based in Folsom. But we are only a short walk away from Fair Oaks. We are proud to work with homeowners all over the city, providing Fair Oaks landscaper services to any home that requests them.

We are a full service landscape contractor, that specializes in completely renovating landscape designs and providing them with quality, major upgrades. Our affordable landscaping is a great choice for homeowners that are ready to turn their home into the outdoor paradise they have always wanted.

A small selection of our services include:

  • Xeriscaping – Our most popular service, xeriscaping is drought tolerant landscaping ready to use less water while increasing the value and look of your home.
  • Themed Gardens – We have also been working with a lot of themed gardens – for example, landscapes that attract butterflies or are dog friendly.
  • Landscape Architect Designs – We employ trained and board certified landscape architects that can help turn visions into reality.

We also offer traditional landscaping services in Fair Oaks, including landscape lighting, water features, patios, koi ponds and more. If there is a need for a landscape designer in Fair Oaks, we’re the one to call – located right next to Folsom and just off Greenback. Contact us today at 916-735-1100 to find out more about our landscape services, or to get started with an appointment.

If you are looking for high quality landscaping designs in Fair Oaks, CA, you have come to the right place at Five Star Landscape! We are experts in many kinds of landscaping, and we have the skills to make your landscape absolutely gorgeous. We can give you a great place to relax and entertain your friends and neighbors, and we can even save you time and money on maintenance while we’re at it!


Xeriscaping is the art of designing landscapes that can withstand droughts. It is popular in desert areas, of course, because no matter where people live, they naturally want their front and back yards to look beautiful. But Xeriscaping isn’t just useful in places like Arizona and Nevada; it’s for anywhere with a semi-dry climate, or where homeowners might want to save money on their water bills.

Themed gardens

Xeriscaping is a type of themed garden, where the theme is dry-climate plants. There are many other kinds of themed gardens that we can do too. We can do themes based on edible plants, where everything in your landscape is edible. We can do themes based on travel locations, with exotic plants that you won’t see anywhere else in Fair Oaks. We can even do themes based on literature – Shakespeare gardens are especially fun to design. Whatever theme you want for your landscaping at your Fair Oaks home, you can be certain that you will love the design we create for you here at Five Star Landscape!

Landscape architect design

Landscape design is really an art form in itself. We call it architect design because that’s what it is – creating livable outdoor spaces that reflect your style and that make whatever artistic statement you want. When you hire Five Star Landscape to take care of your landscaping needs at Fair Oaks, you’re not just getting people who are good at plants. You are getting true artists, designers, and architects of outdoor spaces who use plants, land forms, and even hardscaping as our medium to create gorgeous outdoor spaces for your Fair Oaks home. Give us a call today and find out why so many Fair Oaks residents have trusted Five Star Landscape for their landscaping needs!

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