January Landscaping Strategies

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It’s the new year, and like most new years, it’s time to think about what your plans are for the remainder of the year. This is the time of year when many people start thinking about their home investments, and deciding what they are going to do to improve the value and comfort of their home.

It’s also a busy time for landscaping. At FiveSTAR Landscape, this is the time of year when there are a lot of home shows in and around Sacramento. We have already been to one home show this year and are on our way to another in a few weeks, and hundreds of people attend these home shows because of the potential for savings.

Ideas for Seeking Out a Landscaper in January

If you have been rethinking your landscape, here is our best January landscaping strategies:

  • Don’t Delay

This is such a busy time for landscaping that the best way to get great prices and better scheduling is to start right away. Landscapers like FiveSTAR receive more and more interest, with a peak of around April, and the longer you delay the harder it may be to have your home ready for you quickly. You also want to be certain you have your landscape completed by the time spring rolls around, and starting right now can help make sure that that’s possible.

  • Think Back on Winter

Landscaping is so often designed for summer. But it’s winter right now, and you probably wanted to use your backyard for more. What can you add to your landscape that would make it better right this moment? Like summer, winter comes every year, and installing something like a fire pit may help you improve your enjoyment of your landscape all of the years you spend in your home.

  • If Unsure, Hardscape

If you know you want to change your landscape but aren’t yet sure about plants, trees, and other living things, consider hardscaping right now. It’s still too cold to install some types of plants and living things, but it’s not too cold to work on some of the permanent fixtures that will last all throughout the year. You can always come back to figure out plants in the future.

Landscaping in January

January is still a great time to get some amazing prices and lock down an installation date early, before it becomes even more hectic. If you live in the Greater Sacramento area, call FiveSTAR Landscape today and find out more about January landscape installation.

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