Landscape Upgrades to Cut Water Costs

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Landscape Design Upgrades to Cut Water Costs

Landscape Upgrades to Cut Water Costs

Ever heard the phrase you have to spend money to make money? It’s a commonly used phrase that applies really well to saving on your water bill. A little bit of money invested in top notch landscape equipment and design can save you thousands of dollars this year on water bills and add to the conservation efforts in this dry season. Folsom landscape designers are offering all of the Sacramento, CA area landscape upgrades that can add to home value without breaking the bank on water expenses. Consider an upgrade a way of putting money back into your pocket.

Hire a Landscapers in Sacramento, CA

Hiring a landscaper is the first step to doubling your water conservation efforts this coming month. Many Folsom landscape designers offer the area free consultations that include an evaluation of just where your water is going and how you can help cut down on monthly usage. From inspecting your irrigation to diagnosing the water needs of your plants, a consultation may be the best thing you do this January for your entire landscape. From there a consultant may be able to offer upgrade information that not only reduces monthly bills but also add long term value to any home.

Where to Start in Your Sacramento Backyard

Roseville Flower Beds

These little beauties require a lot of TLC and that means WATER. If you’re looking to cut down on water usage and still keep a brightly colored landscape, you will want to upgrade to drought resistant plants. These are plants that bloom even in the harshest weather conditions. Just because Sacramento is lacking the usual rain doesn’t mean that your backyard has to look like a desert. Many California native plants are able to bloom and grow in your yard all year around, even when it seems as though nothing else can survive without sucking your water supply dry.

Trees in your El Dorado Hills Home

Many customers overdo it on the trees and others don’t do enough. Planting a tree ensures that your lawn will be provided with some shade over the hot days which means you can plant less drought resistant plants in the shaded areas. Also, these trees need only be watered infrequently but deeply, so too many trees may increase that water bill and have the opposite intended effect. Landscape architects in the Folsom and Sacramento area in California should be able to help you determine the ideal number for your space.

Maintenance or Irrigation Upgrades

First things first, get you landscape irrigation system inspected and maintained regularly to ensure you do not have any cracks or unnecessary pressure. These issues will cause your backyard to lose water and those bills to hit an all-time high.  If your irrigation system is older, you may best benefit from an upgrade on your sprinkler and drip system all together. Newer systems not only work more efficiently with timers and rain censors, they can target spots more effectively which means the right things will get the right amount of valuable water. Contact a landscape professional in your area to see what kind of upgrades will be best for you.

Install Hardscape

This upgrade may be the most beneficial one for your Folsom, El Dorado Hills, or Sacramento home. Hardscape includes concrete, wood, gravel, and other non-organic landscape mediums. It is a way to make your home look unique and beautiful without being reliant on water and soil conditions for that luxury look. Landscape and deck designers in Sacramento will be able to turn any wasted or expensive to maintain space into a functional and beautiful investment. Hardscape designers in Sacramento are the biggest water conservation advocates around.

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