Rain Water Conservation for Folsom Landscapes

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Rain Water Conservation for Folsom Landscapes

Rain Water Conservation for Folsom Landscapes

In the previous post we mentioned the importance of capturing rain water and using it to irrigate your Sacramento landscape. Because of the droughts this may be a difficult task but it is still worth a bit of effort because one rainy day could keep your landscape going for a month and that is one less month you have to pay a water bill. Also, it could save the state of California hundreds of gallons of water with every rainfall. In this post we will look at some practical ways to capture rainwater and irrigate your beautiful Folsom landscaping with minimal effort and the world’s purest water: rain.

Budget your Sacramento Backyard Needs

Establish what part of your backyard has the most need for rainwater on a regular basis. If you have large trees then this will be what needs the most water. You can either plan to use all your rainwater for one section and use sprinklers for the rest, or you can alternate in various sections. In any case, you need a plan of action to ensure that your Sacramento landscape design is given sufficient moisture to survive. To start, use a prediction of this year’s rainfall to get a better understanding of how much rain resources you will have over a single period of time.

Flush out the Backyard Waste

If you are going to use natural rain water to help out your garden, remember not to use the first initial rainfall. This is called a flush. Allow the first water to drain out without conserving it in order to remove any impurities from the lawn. Your home could benefit significantly from this flush and the next segment of rain will begin your conservation efforts. Many lawn care professionals will even help you make a natural water plan so that you make minimal effort but still save on water bills.

Priority Landscape Zones

There will always be higher priority segments of your backyard in northern California. In order to keep your grass green and flowers blooming you will have to water them briefly but frequently. We suggest that you use natural water for your larger parts like trees and then designate sprinkler usage to your grass so that it is distributed evenly. When your rain conservation barrels are fuller, you can designate more segments to be watered by rainfall. It is process that when followed can help you all year long.

Compost as a Sacramento Landscape Alternative

When drought is especially bad, there are ways to seal in more moisture and stretch a little bit of it for a longer time. Composting for your Folsom backyard can create better soil conditions that will help your plants grow better with less watering. A compost takes nutrients out of natural waste and can be used as a natural fertilizer that makes plants both more resilient and less thirsty. Composting is an easy process to start and is becoming more and more popular for Sacramento landscaping alternatives.

Stay informed on the Sacramento Landscape Conditions

There are all sorts of alternatives and options to help you keep your beautiful landscape design more water-resistant. When you work with a Lawn Care Professional, you will be able to create a better atmosphere and system for your landscape and garden to thrive. Enjoy the benefits of a beautiful landscape this summer by taking part in water conservation efforts. Your water bills will decrease and the statewide benefits will increase.

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